Community Involvement

community service

Throughout the world, Crawford & Company supports a number of community initiatives with employees’ time, talents and corporate dollars. Crawford’s talented employees pursue a wide range of interests often taking time to give back to their communities in a multitude of unique ways.

Since 2009, we have united our individual efforts for a broader, more coordinated expression of philanthropy and began the Crawford Global Day of Service (GDOS). On this day, Crawford employees throughout the world are asked to volunteer to serve our local communities. This annual initiative has grown larger every year since its inception, helping a wide range of charities including orphanages, homeless shelters, retirement homes, animal rescue facilities, blood drives, food banks, nature parks, and fundraising for disease research.

Around the world, Crawford employees often go above and beyond their normal work responsibilities to help others in need. We are innovative, dedicated, hardworking, and share a passion to succeed. Global Crawford employees are involved collectively and individually in a number of charitable causes that are important to them, including support for the arts, environmental restoration and sustainment, healthy living, disease research and eradication, and improving the emotional, educational and nutritional well-being of people from all walks of life. After all, at the end of the day we are in business to help people. Through our efforts, we believe that we can make a difference and in fact, be the difference in the communities where we live and work.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Crawford maintains a socially responsible way of working on a global scale and combines it with a modern approach to employment, technology, safety and the environment. When conducting business, we take meaningful steps to ensure our processes are efficient and our employees are engaged in helping us to reduce our environmental impact. This is demonstrated by our heightened ecological awareness and involvement with initiatives throughout the Company. We incorporate sustainability criteria into our purchasing policies, from selecting vendors that offer eco-friendly solutions to using fuel-efficient, lower emissions fleet vehicles. We have implemented programs to reduce energy consumption in our data centers and use audio and video conferencing to reduce travel impacts. And we operate from a network of offices and home-based employees to deliver the vast majority of our services. Every administrative and operational process is carefully reviewed to potentially reduce our carbon footprint.

Crawford works closely with our insurance partners to deliver a level of corporate sustainability which makes a positive impact on insurers and their customers. The issues of sustainability and climate change are taken seriously at Crawford and we are continually evolving to deliver our services in an environmentally responsible way. Visit our Environmental Responsibility page to learn more about our environmental efforts, such as corporate recycling and using alternative energy sources.