Marine, Aviation, and Transportation

Maritime and aviation businesses are high-profile industries with ever-present potential for catastrophic losses. Transportation issues affect nearly every enterprise around the world, but can present particular financial and operational challenges to firms in these industries. Rising fuel costs, employee shortage and retention issues, credit risks, marketplace competition, these and other exposures can have a severe impact on a company's bottom line and impede its overall success.  Crawford offers a full range of marine surveying, claims management and investigative services. Whatever and wherever the possible risk, Crawford has highly qualified and experienced professionals from all areas of the marine, transportation and insurance industries (including ex-seagoing senior officers with Master Mariners or engineering qualifications and general cargo experience, naval architects, industrial engineers and maritime insurance specialists in ocean and inland transit cargoes) who provide solutions and the ability to quickly deploy to the site of the incident.

Whatever the scale of the service required, our clients can be assured of a professional approach, delivered by highly qualified personnel with the required experience and qualifications to deliver an effective marine and transportation claims solution.

Air Cargo Legal Liability
Air Cargo Legal Liability is a transport risk insurance that includes third party cargo coverage and third party property damage.  Crawford's knowledgeable surveyors and adjusters are experienced in the handling of all claims arising from damage or loss sustained to cargo during loading operations or while in transit by air.  Our specialist, in-house counsel has the technical expertise to handle claims efficiently and professionally. 

Aviation Liability PD & BI
Crawford is extremely well versed in handling claims arising out of the carriage of goods by air, and regularly represents clients following damage or loss sustained to cargo while in transit or during loading operations. Practical knowledge of the various International Air Conventions combined with the technical expertise of specialist, in-house counsel ensures an efficient and professional approach to the handling of all such claims.

Aviation Machinery
We have experience in handling claims related to aircraft tractors, loading bridges, Aquavac equipment, de-icing equipment, runway emergency and clearance equipment, baggage scanning and handling equipment. In addition we have 'on wing' knowledge and experience of all modern gas turbine and radial engines.

Construction, Civil & Port
Our marine and property adjusters work together on nautical and technical aspects of claims. 

General Average
Our marine adjusters work with general average adjusters on nautical and technical aspects of claims. 

Logistics & Cargo Liability
Via our Crawford global network of more than 700 offices, our professional team of surveyors and licensed adjusters provide complete claims and logistics management services throughout the world.  We cover Crew/Passenger injury investigation, as well as settlement claims, marina/property/liability losses for insurers and corporate clients. 

Marine Cargo
We have a broad coverage area with offices worldwide. Our services include trip-in-tow inspections to ascertain a vessel's suitability, its cargo and the towing arrangement for a voyage by sea, as well as investigating cargo losses, insurance claim reviews and assisting in casualty investigations and research relative to matters of litigation.  Additional services include out-turn, offloading and handling surveys, import cargo and equipment. 

Marine Hull/Machinery
Our services include surveys for all types of vessels both commercial and pleasure craft. 

Motor Cargo Legal Liability
Our services include investigating cargo losses, insurance claim reviews and assisting in casualty investigations and research relative to matters of litigation. 

Protection & Indemnity
Crawford specializes in full protection and indemnity (P&I) survey representation. 

Subrogation & Recovery
An insurance carrier may reserve the "right of subrogation" in the event of a loss. This means that the company may choose to take action to recover the amount of a claim paid to a covered insured if the loss was caused by a third party. After expenses, the amount recovered must be divided proportionately with the insured to cover any deductible for which the insured was responsible. We are routinely involved in identifying and pursuing avenues of subrogation and recovery and offer a variety of options. 

Windpark, Offshore
The investigation and settlement of a wind turbine claim, both on- and off-shore requires highly specialized experienced adjusters. Crawford employs a team of professionals who are familiar with the latest developments in this fast growing and highly technical sector.